Lemontreee Helps You Test Your Mobile Applications

Our consultants help you develop solutions for quality assurance, testing and automating test execution. We also carry out testing for you, on site, via our test center or in the cloud.

Application development is a rapidly changing industry where increasingly demanding tests are made. New testing strategies need to be developed in parallel with mobile applications. With shorter test cycles, time becomes a big challenge. Access to test environments is also a challenge because each mobile platform and operating system is to be considered as its own test environment. This means that ever higher demands are placed on a well-functioning test organisations that can handle these challenges in a good way. Mobility also introduces additional aspects regarding the performance of applications in different locations and in different networks.

With solutions for mobile testing, we help our customers deliver high quality thanks to high competence and market-leading tools. The explosive development in mobile applications means that the software industry is facing new challenges in mobile testing.

Our mobile testing solutions and testing strategies that cover not only mobile applications, but the entire application platform including the back-end to enable end-to-end testing.

We have experts who assist you in your quality assurance of mobile devices and apps, but also complete solutions for this. Read more on our Products page.

Lemontree’s Solutions for Mobile Testing:

We work as specialists in testing in the field, both through technical tools, as technical testers or by manually testing the applications as needed.