Nyheter New tool for unit testing in the Lemontree lab

New tool for unit testing in the Lemontree lab

HP officially announced LeanFT at HP Discover in Las Vegas yesterday! The main concept of LeanFT is to ‘shift left‘ and test earlier in the development lifecycle to maintain the concept of agile development and DevOps. A nice blog post discussing the advantages of ‘shift left testing’ can be read here.

Lemontree is part of the beta testing program of the software. Basically, LeanFT is UFT taken to the UnitTest level, with the technology support of UFT as its main differentiator.

– Test automation engineers that have worked with UFT in the past will be able to quickly and comfortably move into the realm of unit testing, a needed complement to the goal of DevOps, says Johan Klintholm representing Lemontree in the test.

The official press release from HP can be read here ‘HP Unveils Developer Focused Testing Solution to Help Businesses Accelerate Application Delivery‘, while an HP blog post discussing the key advantages of the software is here ‘Shift your agile and DevOps testing left with HP LeanFT’.


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