• Lemontree Morning - Optimised Test Design 9 juni

Lemontree = Speed + Quality Lemontree Event 2019 Optimised Test Design 9 juni

Welcome to breakfast about Optimised Test Design

Challenges today:

IT Manager
We have to reduce the testing lead times and budget without compromising quality but the last time I told them to test less there was a mini revolution. How can you increase quality with less testing?

Test Analyst
Here we go again, I have finally finished designing and writing all the test cases and now the requirements and solution documents have been updated. I need to start testing, not analyzing the impact on my test cases and updating them, if only I had a magic wand.

Requirements Analyst
I need to review all the test cases to ensure accuracy and coverage but it is impossible, there’s just too much text.

It is no surprise that management want to do more with less and when it comes to test there is huge potential for savings. Many organisations have volumes of poorly detailed and outdated test cases that test the same functions several times whilst collectively covering less than 50% of the requirements.  How can test cover more in less time and ensure that test cases are instantly and accurately aligned with change?

At this session we will focus on the following goals:

  • How to reduce the amount of testing but increase overall coverage
  • How to see what is covered and not covered on a highly granular level
  • How to improve communication between test and its stakeholders
  • How to ensure that testing is continually aligned with change
  • How to succeed in writing highly accurate and descriptive test cases with minimal effort

Speaker is Matthew Lapsley who specializes in establishing, optimizing and simplifying processes both in and around test organisations.

Time: June 9th 2015, 8.00-9.00 (Breakfast from 7.30)
Place: Lemontree, Arenavägen 55 (T-bana Globen) Johanneshov

For more information contact christine.sandmark@lemontree.se or call 070-751 69 08. We can also do this session upon request (english or swedish) at your company. Contact us for a proposal!