Nedladdning The road to DevSecOps & reducing the c...

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In this seminar, we discussed why you should do application security testing.  Including static analysis of the source code and dynamic assessment of Web applications and APIs.

The application security testing should be applied from day one in projects. By detecting security issues early in development, you can manage the risk better at lower costs. This will result in more secure system development! Today’s security attacks are often targeting applications in operation. Insecure code opens up a target area for hackers. The reason is that four out of five successful intrusions use code vulnerabilities — both self-developed and in commercial software.

Combining rapid application development and maintaining security can be difficult. The fact that your applications are in mobile, in the cloud, and in internal IT environments – doesn’t make it less complicated.

Listen to how one of our customers is running their business with reducing cyber security risk – as a natural part of their process.