About this Playwright course

This course on Playwright is tailored for individuals with some coding experience who are primarily engaged in technical testing. Whether you’re a testing professional or enthusiast, this program is designed to empower you with the skills needed to effectively use Playwright for modern web testing. No extensive development background is required, making it accessible for those with a limited coding familiarity. Join us to enhance your technical testing capabilities, streamline workflows, and boost software quality assurance efficiency using Playwright.

High level content, purpose and goals

Explore ”Playwright for Technical Testers,” a course tailored for individuals with experience in technical testing. Learn advanced Playwright features, refine your scripting skills, and apply techniques like handling multiple browsers. Gain a solid understanding of Playwright’s capabilities for effective technical testing without an extensive development background.
Empower non-developer professionals with coding experience in technical testing to leverage advanced Playwright skills. Enhance scripting proficiency and apply techniques for impactful testing without the need for extensive coding expertise.
Build a foundation in Playwright for technical testing.
Develop advanced automated testing skills tailored for technical testers.
Implement Playwright effectively in real-world testing scenarios.
Join us to unlock the power of Playwright and elevate your technical testing capabilities!
Course prerequisites:
  • Laptop with local admin rights.
Prior to the course you’ll receive information about necessary preparations, such as:
  • Download and install NodeJs LTS version Node.js — Run JavaScript Everywhere
  • Download and install Visual Studio Code https://code.visualstudio.com.
We will install Playwright as part of the course
Course Fee:  8,000 SEK
We offer this course on a regular basis, please find your next planned session here. If you’d like us to do this exclusively for your company, please contact us at info@lemontree.se or patric.helje@lemontree.se.