Automatated, Robotic and Integrated

We offer technical consultants, projects, products and overall commitments that increase your efficiency.

Lemontree’s success is strongly associated with our competence and ability to create ready-made solutions based on leading products from our partners..

We help our customers achieve results by simplifying what is difficult and removing what takes time. Contact us for advice on services that we can offer your company.

Tjänster utveckling

In line with an increasing need, we have broadened our areas of competence to also include quality assurance, validation, test automation and project management within Life Science.


With development and operations in close interaction, your rate of change increases. We have the tools to succeed. Our consultants have extensive experience in the field.

Testning & QA

Lemontree’s testing consultants focus on helping companies deliver faster results and become more efficient

Tjänster RPA

Robotic Process Automation. Automate your service processes. We help you to robotize and increase efficiency through digitisation.

Our Own Platforms

Lemontree has developed Nextgen OMA, an order management system based on innovative grid technology that provides high performance and availability, reduced costs and high developer friendliness.

Consulting Services

Lemontree offers consulting services in technology, project management and efficiency to help companies achieve fatser results. With over 20 years of experience in digitisation, automation and testing, we assist you with our expertise.

Project Management

Our project managers, have extensive experience in running small and large projects with a high level of complexity.

Validation & Qualification

We specialise in offering expert assistance in validation and qualification. We have a team of experienced consultants who have a deep technical understanding and knowledge of regulations and standards within the industry.

Life Science Digitalisation

By leveraging technological advances, life science companies can create more efficient operations, improve cistomer experience, increas productivoty and reduce costs. We can help you!


Lemontree Offers External and Internal Software Products

Lemontree is a reseller of products from companies such as MicroFocus, UiPath, Tricentis and Gigaspaces, and also offers its own software concepts for automated testing and quality control.

  • External products include Smartbear, Red Hat, MicroFocus, Tricentis, UiPath, Gigaspaces and PingCAP.

  • Internal products include the test frameworks LUQAS, LTE and “Test as a Service (TaaS)”, Quality Management tools, test automation, automation with RPA (Robotics Process Automation) and testing of payment solutions.

  • Lemontree’s framework can be customised to customer needs or used off the shelf to achieve high quality and automated test results.

Documentation and Guides

White Paper and Compendium

Do you want to delve into, for example, test automation, DevOps or mobile testing? You are welcome to download our whitepapers and compendium.