Streamline The Development Process

Well implemented, DevOps makes it possible to significantly shorten the time from development to the production environment, so shorter time to market . It also means that complete environments can be created automatically and that the boundaries between operation and development are blurred. Through a virtual platform, a test environment can be created in minutes with both application and database.

With the method in place together with the right tools, you can significantly increase your digital rate of change. Done correctly, it is also possible to reduce costs, not least for operation.


Our DevOps Services

Learn about the benefits of cloud architecture and automation to streamline IT infrastructure. Our experts can help you evaluate and implement cloud-based solutions, including migration of existing applications and data. Discover the benefits of DevSecOps, where security aspects are integrated early in the development process to build more secure products. Through Cloud Enablement, you can benefit from the scalability and flexibility of cloud technology. Automation of the infrastructure as code and implementation of CI/CD processes can streamline development and management of IT infrastructure. Explore Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift to orchestrate and manage containerised applications. Finally, use Red Hat Ansible to automate and manage IT services easily and efficiently.

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture is the process of designing and implementing an IT infrastructure in the cloud that is scalable, secure, reliable and cost-effective. It is about defining and creating a plan for how applications, data and systems should be integrated in the cloud to achieve the bets possible performance and availability.


DevSecOps (Development-Security-Operations) is a methodology that involves integrating security aspects early in the software development process, with the goal of achieving safer and more reliable end products.

Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement is the process of facilitating and preparing the transition of a business or company to cloud-based solutions. It is about enabling companies to take advantage of the benefits of cloud technology, such as scalability, availability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Automation / Infrastructure as Code / CI/CD

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) automation involves using software to define and configure IT infrastructure and cloud resources in a code base, which can then be used to implement and manage the infrastructure in a consistent and scalable manner.

Container Services

Container Services

Automate and optimise container management with Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift and Ansible for efficient application development and IT management. With Kubernetes, you can orchestrate and manage containerised applications, while RedHat OpenShift offers a flexible cloud platform for building and deploying applications over the cloud.

Technical Due Dilligence

In order to ensure business quality when acquiring companies, there is often talk of financial and legal evaluations and analysis within the framework of a “Due Dilligence” (DD). Not infrequently, software is a large and tone-setting component of what is acquired. Maybe even the purpose of the whole deal.

Our Consultants

We are present throughout the DevOps cycle with consultants in development, testing and tool support. We offer consultants such as DevOps leads, project managers, developers, testers and architects.

Lemontree has extensive competence and tools in DevOps, CI/CD and automation of development flows, in addition to these services, we are also partners with several tool suppliers to be able to offer solutions where you yourself do not have the technology in place.

Read our white papers & compendium

Do you want to delve into test automation, DevOps or mobile testing? You are welcome to download our whitepapers and compendium.