We Are Your Partner in Telecom and Automated Testing

Since its inception in 1999, Lemontree has been active in telecoms. You could say that we have our origins from there. We realised early on that a lot of work was manual and there was a lot to do, but we didn’t want to do the work just for the sake of it, we wanted to make a difference. Today, almost a quarter of a century later, we have experience of having helped the big telecom giants in Sweden both with their systems, their quality assurance, testing and above all test automation and recycling of the automation in various areas for the organisation to maximize the benefit.

Experience and Expertise for Future Automation in Telecoms

The combination that we have expertise in the telecom domain and that we have automated tests in more than 50 different systems, from 60s mainframe systems to modern microservices, means that we know the challenges, but we also know how to help you navigate complex system sets such as handles sales, customer service, provisioning, support, billing, private customers, business customers, operators, mobile, fiber and other services. We are with you and build the automation of the future together and help you on your journey.