Quality Assurance

Our Experts For Effective Testing and QA

Lemontree’s testing consultants focus on helping companies deliver faster results and become more efficient. We usually work with automating, robotising and simplifying processes and software used in both the development and use phases.

You can usually find our consultants in roles such as technical testers, automation consultants, RPA, requirements and project management as well as within DevOps projects. Not infrequently, we assist with competence at a strategic level to develop concepts and strategies for how businesses can work more efficiently in the long term. We often work with digitisation of processes through automation and robotisation to both improve and speed up processes for our customers.

Lemontree has worked with digitization, automation and testing for around 20 years and we offer extensive experience in testing both web, mobile and desktop applications as well as legacy systems. Our competence and experience mean that we can help you find the best competence and expertise in e.g. API, E2E UI, Service, data warehouse, regression tests or to assist with best practice in testing.

Our Services Within QA & Testing

Our Testing &QA services are designed to ensure and improve the quality of your applications and digital services. With test automation, test strategy, test data management, agile test coaching and much more, we help you streamline and optimise the test process to achieve the highest possible quality and safety. Read more about our different services and how they can help you achieve successful test results.


Continuous Quality

Continuous Quality is our concept and model for ensuring high quality of software products throughout the entire development cycle. By integrating quality assurance as a continuous process, we can identify and fix problems early, increase productivity and provide organisations with an overview of quality work for improvement.


Test Automation

Test Automation makes it possible to reduce the cost of maintenance and at the same time increase t eh quality of applications and digital services. A big reason is that through automation it is possible t ospeed up and do more so-caled regression tests.

Test Strategy

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Test Data Management

Test Data Management (TDM) & Automation, or test management and automation, is the easy way to create uniform test data for all systems without manual, complex and time-consuming steps. Preferably also automated!

Agil Test Coach

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Mobile Testing

Our consultants help you develop solutions for quality assurance, testing and automating test execution. We also carry out testing for you, on site, via our test centre, or in the cloud

Test Management

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Tjänster utveckling

Performance Testing

Performance Management focuses on how the business’ goals and criteria are to be achieved, not just technology and execution.

Security Testing

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