The company is founded and Tele1Europe becomes Lemontree’s first customer. In 2001, NetCom GSM in Norway becomes Lemontree’s first customer outside of Sweden.


Developed strategy to transform Lemontree into a solution provider. A partnership agreement with the first product company Inktomi is signed and Ericsson becomes the first customer to buy a solution. In 2004, a framework agreement is signed with Tele 2 and Lemontree moves to offices in Globen.


Lemontree opens an office in Norway. DnB NOR and the University of Oslo become new customers in Norway and SEB and Posten become new customers in Sweden. Lemontree now has more than 10 employees. Partnership entered into in 2006 with the American company Progress Software.


Agreements are signed with the telecom operators Network Norway and NMT for the delivery of a solution for Order Management. The insurance companies AFA and Salus Ansvar become new customers at the same time as turnover increases by 160% and the company has more than 20 employees at the end of the year. Lemontree is established in 2008 as a solution provider for the public sector and a partnership is signed with the Swedish company Formpipe Software. The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority becomes the first customer for Lemontree’s solutions for the public sector. Establishes partnership with HP Software to invest in test automation, NetCom and Tele 2 become first customers.


Signing extensive agreements with, among others, the Swedish Transport Agency, DO, Region Gotland and all AP Funds. Takes the position as the largest partner to both Formpipe and Progress Software. Increases turnover by 85% and reaches a margin of 22.5% during the current financial crisis and is simultaneously named a Gazelle Company and Super Company. 55 employees at the end of the year 2009. In 2010, Lemontree signs a framework agreement with TeliaSonera for the delivery of Lemontree’s solution for Test Automation. Sodexo becomes a new customer in the field of Integration. Thomas Martinsson is nominated for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Lemontree grows to 80 employees by the end of the year and reaches a margin of 23.5%. Appointed a Gazell company and Super company for the second year in a row and receives a credit rating of AAA.


All major Telecom operators in Sweden and Norway are customers of Lemontree. Bankgirot becomes a new customer in the investment in the financial sector. More than 70 public organisations are customers of Lemontree. Lemontree signs partnership agreement with Software Innovation. In 2012, Lemontree signs an extensive agreement with SIDA for the delivery of Public 360 in tough competition with all suppliers. We sign a framework agreement with the Employment Agency and exceed 100 employees and grow by nearly 20%. Many new customers during the year, including Skanova, Skövde municipality, the Swedish Institute, Sollentuna municipality, Swedac, Inspecta, Sparbanksstiftelsen DnbNor, Sarpsborg municipality and others.

Launches the eGo solution and the city of Haparanda becomes the first customer, followed by Värmdö Municipality.

Lemontree moves to a new, larger office in Stockholm and is named a Gazelle Company for the fourth year in a row and a Fast Grower for the first time.


Norwegian major authority NAV chooses Lemontree for comprehensive delivery of services and software for testing. Appointed as a Fast Grower by Ahrens Rapid Growth for the second year in a row. Signing a framework agreement with the TeliaSonera group as an expert supplier in the area of ​​Test & Quality Management. Lemontree signs framework agreement E-archive 2013 with SKL Kommentus Purchasing Center for delivery of eGo eArchive and Bankgirot chooses Lemontree as partner for introduction of automated tests. Lemontree entered into partnerships in 2014 with Grid-Tools and Dassault Systèmes/Exalead. Stockholm’s Stadsbyggnadkontor and Lindesberg’s municipality new customers where Lemontree implements a solution for case and document management. Renewed trust from TeliaSonera regarding test automation. Appointed by HP as Scandinavia’s only partner offering new and existing customers support and maintenance for HP Software’s test tools. Petra Förnell is appointed as the new CEO.


In 2015, operations at Lemontree are being refined to focus on the original technology areas within quality assurance of development processes, automation and digitisation. DevOps and associated services are growing as concepts and segments within the company. The business focuses on partner agreements and solution sales of products and services primarily in the development of software for the service sector. Lemontree develops the automated test platform LUQAS.


Lemontree is developing several new partnerships with suppliers of technical solutions in test automation and robotization of processes. TricentisUi PathSauceLabs and Curiosity Software become partners with Lemontreee. We work hard with our core values ​​of integrity, results and commitment to create one of the industry’s best workplaces. Certification of the company as a “Great Place to Work” is carried out with an average rating of 93%! Lemontree is accredited to hold ISTQB Foundation trainings. The company moves to Sveavägen 52.

Mirovia, which is a Nordic group that invests in entrepreneur-led companies that offer software solutions and niche IT services in business-critical areas, will take over as the new main owner in winter 2020.

We continue to automate, digitise and streamline.