Complex requirements and industry expertise for financial institutions and insurance companies

Financial institutions and insurance companies set many industry-oriented requirements that must be met. This includes regulations such as Basel, Mifid, PSD2 from authorities that require expertise and experience in the field, in addition to the market’s high expectations and competition for services delivered. This, in combination with technical solutions that are often of a “legacy” nature, great technical complexity, many integrations and large data volumes with high transaction speeds make high demands.

Experience and expertise for effective solutions within financial institutions and insurance companies

Lemontree has extensive experience in helping financial institutions and insurance companies in everything from requirements management, operational issues and technical solutions in development, testing and project management. This means that we have unique knowledge to deliver high-quality, innovative and efficient solutions that meet the industry’s requirements as consulting services or entire projects. We have built our own frameworks and methods that complement the tools from our suppliers and that give our customers even more value. For businesses that conduct, for example, stock trading and trading, particularly high demands are placed on speed, redundancy, security and scalability. There, we have solid experience in building just such systems from the ground up, with the most advanced technologies on the market.

For example, in addition to consulting services in development, DevOps, security, performance, requirements, testing and test automation, we offer:

  • Complete deliveries in development and DevOps with ready agreed delivery commitments according to Lemontree’s delivery concept.
  • Order Management System (OMS) for securities trading from start to finish with our product Nextgen. A unique framework for trading in securities, with well-known Swedish companies as customers.
  • We also offer solutions for application management and development methods with our product Sugar, which is a third-generation development environment framework with scalability in volume and speed aimed at banking, finance and insurance. Among other things, there is a ready-made authentication solution with OAuth, advanced API framework for GRPC, out-of-the-box tools for GDPR, workflow engine built with In-Memory technology.