Ny medarbetare – Ilkka Linde

Välkommen till oss på Lemontree Ilkka! Tack så mycket! Både roligt och spännande att få vara med på Lemontree. Vad kommer du att göra hos oss och vad är din roll? Kommer ingå i gruppen Life Science. Min roll kommer sikta emot kvalitetsrelaterade uppdrag inom olika typer av digitaliserade lösningar t.ex. CSV/CSA inom regulatoriskt styrda verksamheter, valideringsledare inom digitaliseringsprojekt eller liknande. Men är givetvis öppen för mycket annat också där jag kan bidra. Berätta lite om din bakgrund, vad har du [...]

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Georgios Road to Frontend

You have now been working with us for over a year. How has the first year been? Fantastic, rewarding, and educational! I have particularly deepened my knowledge in the frontend and DevOps areas, which has been inspiring. Can you tell us a bit about your background? I started my IT career in 1997, initially as a network administrator at one of Stockholm's municipal district administrations. Afterward, I spent almost a decade at a prominent telecommunications company where I delved into [...]

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Filip @ Work

Hello Filip, could you tell us a bit about what you do during your assignment? Currently, I'm on assignment at Trafikförvaltningen where I'm part of a backend team developing services for internal and external stakeholders. Primarily, we've been working on services related to real-time positioning and congestion forecasting. As a test developer, my focus is on quality improvement and test automation. Our integration and end-to-end tests are written in Python using pytest, and my previous knowledge of Python has been [...]

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New RPA certification

Jonas in the Life Science team has recently become certified in RPA, Robotic Process Automation. Here's what he says about his achievement: "Getting certified in RPA has truly opened up new opportunities for me and has been a fantastic investment in my career. It has given me a deeper knowledge of process automation, which is sought after in several different industries. By testing a new industry on my current assignment, I have the opportunity to apply my knowledge in a [...]

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New colleague – Kostas Pashalidis

Welcome Kostas! What will you be doing with us and what is your role? I will be joining as a technical tester in the TestOps team. Tell us a bit about your background, what have you done previously in testing? I originally worked in various IT support roles but switched to programming. In my previous job, I was a consultant at Ericsson where I worked on test automation in telecom/radio. The role was varied, including management of different test cases [...]

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Lemontree + SO4IT

During the spring, two of the companies within the Mirovia group, Lemontree and SO4IT, are joining forces and operating under a single brand name - Lemontree. Since 1999, Lemontree has been a leading provider of test automation, quality assurance, and software development services, both as a project supplier and an expert consultant. Lemontree serves a wide range of industries, including Telecom, Banking and Finance, Life Science, and the public sector. SO4IT specializes in delivering solutions built on partner tools. Over [...]

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