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Georgios Road to Frontend

You have now been working with us for over a year. How has the first year been? Fantastic, rewarding, and educational! I have particularly deepened my knowledge in the frontend and DevOps areas, which has been inspiring. Can you tell us a bit about your background? I started my IT career in 1997, initially as a network administrator at one of Stockholm's municipal district administrations. Afterward, I spent almost a decade at a prominent telecommunications company where I delved into [...]

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Filip @ Work

Hello Filip, could you tell us a bit about what you do during your assignment? Currently, I'm on assignment at Trafikförvaltningen where I'm part of a backend team developing services for internal and external stakeholders. Primarily, we've been working on services related to real-time positioning and congestion forecasting. As a test developer, my focus is on quality improvement and test automation. Our integration and end-to-end tests are written in Python using pytest, and my previous knowledge of Python has been [...]

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New RPA certification

Jonas in the Life Science team has recently become certified in RPA, Robotic Process Automation. Here's what he says about his achievement: "Getting certified in RPA has truly opened up new opportunities for me and has been a fantastic investment in my career. It has given me a deeper knowledge of process automation, which is sought after in several different industries. By testing a new industry on my current assignment, I have the opportunity to apply my knowledge in a [...]

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New colleague – Kostas Pashalidis

Welcome Kostas! What will you be doing with us and what is your role? I will be joining as a technical tester in the TestOps team. Tell us a bit about your background, what have you done previously in testing? I originally worked in various IT support roles but switched to programming. In my previous job, I was a consultant at Ericsson where I worked on test automation in telecom/radio. The role was varied, including management of different test cases [...]

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Lemontree + SO4IT

During the spring, two of the companies within the Mirovia group, Lemontree and SO4IT, are joining forces and operating under a single brand name - Lemontree. Since 1999, Lemontree has been a leading provider of test automation, quality assurance, and software development services, both as a project supplier and an expert consultant. Lemontree serves a wide range of industries, including Telecom, Banking and Finance, Life Science, and the public sector. SO4IT specializes in delivering solutions built on partner tools. Over [...]

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