Jonas in the Life Science team has recently become certified in RPA, Robotic Process Automation. Here’s what he says about his achievement:

“Getting certified in RPA has truly opened up new opportunities for me and has been a fantastic investment in my career. It has given me a deeper knowledge of process automation, which is sought after in several different industries. By testing a new industry on my current assignment, I have the opportunity to apply my knowledge in a different environment, and I look forward to learning more about how automation can contribute to increasing efficiency and improving customer experience in retail.

I became interested in RPA because of its potential to automate tedious and repetitive tasks and free up time for more value-added work. I have already been able to apply my RPA knowledge to automate several manual processes for the client, which has increased efficiency and saved time. It feels great to be able to contribute by using my RPA skills.

Testing a new industry has been an exciting challenge for me. The retail industry is different from Life Science, but I have learned a lot during my first few months on the client’s side. I have had the opportunity to learn new tools and techniques, which have helped me grow professionally. I believe that having broadened experience and knowledge is important for growth, and I am grateful for this opportunity to test a new industry.”

Thank you for your great work, Jonas!