Hello Filip, could you tell us a bit about what you do during your assignment?

Currently, I’m on assignment at Trafikförvaltningen where I’m part of a backend team developing services for internal and external stakeholders. Primarily, we’ve been working on services related to real-time positioning and congestion forecasting. As a test developer, my focus is on quality improvement and test automation. Our integration and end-to-end tests are written in Python using pytest, and my previous knowledge of Python has been beneficial. I’ve also been able to apply my SQL knowledge in certain aspects.

The services are deployed in the AWS cloud, which I hadn’t worked with before. There was quite a learning curve, but with the help of skilled colleagues, I’ve managed to gain knowledge about several AWS services and how to build infrastructure using code. The aspect of building infrastructure with code is interesting because it allows for version control of the code. For this purpose, we’ve used the tool Terraform.

We are striving to adopt a more CI/CD mindset. Regarding testing, one of the most interesting aspects is creating application tests where we utilize Docker containers and Docker Compose to orchestrate containers in pipelines. Here, we also use Python with pytest. One of the challenges has been mocking the cloud services that the applications interact with.

I’m happy to work in a skilled and engaging team, which enables me to learn a lot in terms of technology and agile thinking.

Thank you, Filip. We appreciate your excellent work!