During the spring, two of the companies within the Mirovia group, Lemontree and SO4IT, are joining forces and operating under a single brand name – Lemontree.

Since 1999, Lemontree has been a leading provider of test automation, quality assurance, and software development services, both as a project supplier and an expert consultant. Lemontree serves a wide range of industries, including Telecom, Banking and Finance, Life Science, and the public sector.

SO4IT specializes in delivering solutions built on partner tools. Over the years, SO4IT has developed solutions for financial institutions and insurance companies, including high-speed transaction systems and unique solutions such as workflows and authentication solutions using their partner product GigaSpaces. SO4IT exclusively delivers team deliveries and concepts to their customers using these products.

This initiative aims to leverage the best of our companies by combining Lemontree’s brand, sales ability, market communication skills, and project execution with SO4IT’s expertise, concepts, and technologies to scale our joint market beyond what we can achieve individually.

“Together, we now have an even stronger offering that can deliver complete software projects, ranging from requirements and business issues to development, infrastructure, and testing. SO4IT’s expertise in infrastructure and software development complements Lemontree’s expertise in automating delivery, quality processes, and testing in a fantastic way. Together, we become significantly stronger!” says Rickard Ridderström, CEO of Lemontree.

With this move, Lemontree will immediately gain a significant ongoing team delivery capability that will make an even greater impact. We will also gain more established solutions built with the latest technologies in each respective area. We will have the opportunity to work together as a whole within development, DevOps, and automation of services to our customers.

“The most important thing for me is to continue delivering the best solutions in the market. When we started the talks with Lemontree, we realized that it would benefit both of us to collaborate more than just being sister companies within the same group. I look forward to being able to offer our customers even more expert services,” says Magnus Poromaa, Founder, and CEO of SO4IT.

For more information, please contact:


Rickard Ridderström, CEO Lemontree
076-830 52 67

Ola Stafström, COO Mirovia