Optimize Retail Processes with Lemontree

We stand on a solid foundation of experience and expertise in retail. Our proven services encompass everything from testing frameworks and rapid solutions for handling large datasets to mobile device testing and organizational support functions. In addition to this, we provide specialized expertise in automation, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), project management, requirements management, and test management to ensure our customers achieve their goals efficiently and successfully.

The retail industry’s digital shift – A major challenge for the industry

The retail industry’s digital transformation has been one of the most significant changes over the past decade. The evolution has been monumental and unmistakable. Consumer buying behaviors have increasingly shifted from traditional stores to online platforms accessible via computers, mobile devices, and tablets. This transition has posed a tremendous challenge for the industry, demanding extensive adjustments in technology, work practices, and business solutions to keep pace with customer expectations and maintain competitiveness.

Lemontree has been a key player throughout this retail transformation. Through our collaborations with renowned clothing brands, grocery chains, telecom operators, and publishers, we have played a pivotal role in enabling their success in the digital era. Our work spans various domains, from defining business needs and executing comprehensive transformations to developing and implementing cloud-based solutions, POS expertise, business process automation, integration solutions, and much more.

Beyond consulting services in development, DevOps, security, performance, requirements, testing, and test automation, we also offer:

  • End-to-end deliveries in development and DevOps with predefined delivery commitments according to Lemontree’s delivery concept.
  • Order Management Systems (OMS) for securities trading from start to finish with our product Cory. A unique framework for securities trading, with well-known Swedish companies as clients.
  • We also provide solutions for application management and development methodologies with our product Sugar, a third-generation development environment framework scalable in volume and speed, tailored for banking, finance, and insurance. This includes ready-made authentication solutions with OAuth, an advanced API framework for GRPC, out-of-the-box tools for GDPR compliance, and a workflow engine built with In-Memory technology.


Tzatziki is a dynamic framework continually expanding with support for new components as we encounter technologies that benefit many. Leveraging our expertise and lightweight framework, we integrate these components into a cohesive whole, bringing order to reporting and execution.

Continuous Quality

Our concept and model ensure high quality in software products throughout the development cycle. By integrating quality assurance as a continuous process, we can identify and address issues early, increase productivity, and provide organizations with an overview of quality efforts for improvement.