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Lemontree Life Science

Life Science can be defined as an interdisciplinary discipline aimed at simplifying and enhancing the quality of life for the population. At Lemontree, we are committed to contributing to this goal by providing our customers with exceptional expertise and modern technology.

We have long worked within the Life Science sector, primarily in Digitalization, Robotics, and IT Project Management. In these areas, we possess unparalleled expertise, which we are very proud of.

  • We help our customers work smarter, safer, and more efficiently with modern technology.

  • We are specialists with a unique combination of IT and Life Science.

  • We work long-term with our customers.

Our Offerings


Our experienced Life Science consultants have extensive experience working with comprehensive solutions in development projects within Medtech and Pharma. We assist you throughout the entire process and offer expertise in digitalization and automation.

Consulting Services

We provide experts in production-related IT, project management, qualification/validation, quality support, automation, and CI/CD for Medtech.


We offer educations, including GAMP 5 – read more about our events and educations here.

Contact us for consultation or questions within Life science

Do you have questions or need assistance with your projects in Life Science and MedTech? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly. We are here to help you take the next step in your digital development.

Future-proofing your business in Life Science

Digitalization in Life Science

Lemontree specializes in providing expert assistance in digitalization within the Life Science sector. By harnessing technological advancements, companies in the Life Science industry can create more efficient operations, enhance customer experiences, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Our team of experienced consultants has a deep understanding of the latest technologies and their applications. We work closely with our clients to identify areas where digitalization can improve their operations and develop a tailored plan to implement these technologies.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in meeting the requirements of the Life Science and Medtech industries, including regulatory requirements and standards. We offer comprehensive solutions aligned with GxP, GMP, GDP, GAMP 5, ISO 13485, and 21 CFR Part 11. This ensures that our clients’ digital solutions meet all regulatory requirements and standards.

Are you ready to take your operations into the future? Our unique expertise blending Life Science and IT makes us industry leaders in the digitalization of regulated operations.

Our concepts within Life Science

Are you experiencing challenges in product development due to unnecessarily slow processes in both software development and quality assurance? You are not alone! A very common situation is that the requirements within medical technology products (from ISO 13486, IEC62304, IEC82304, MDR, 21CFRp820 etc.) and software development are not easily compatible.

In Life Science, there is significant potential to streamline and automate testing, which often hasn’t even been initiated. Virtually all systems with user interfaces, such as LIMS, ERP, MES, SCADA, web services, or Excel sheets, can be automated for testing. By automating testing, greater test coverage can be achieved, and quality can be improved in ways that are impossible with manual steps.

By embracing electronic validation, you position yourself for the future. Take advantage of automation to streamline and standardize validation processes. This will significantly reduce manual workload and increase quality. Lemontree combines technical expertise with extensive regulatory experience, delivering high-quality electronic validation as a result.

RPA is a critical component for innovation and efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing. All processes that can be automated, particularly defined, repetitive, and data-driven processes, benefit from RPA solutions. RPA helps to increase efficiency and streamline production processes. We have the experience and expertise to assist you!

Life Science Consulting

We have a dedicated consulting group in Life Sciences consisting of experts with solid experience in regulated operations. Let us help you!

Quality Assurance

Quality is the common thread that permeates everything we undertake. It is also one of our key areas within Life Science. We have extensive experience in ensuring the quality of products and systems, as well as interpreting regulations and building/driving workflows and structures to ensure compliance.

Exemples of assignments:

  • QA manager (Medtech)
  • QA specialist (Pharma)


We have extensive experience in validating computerized systems, processes, facilities, and equipment within regulated industries. We can assist in writing protocols, reports, and deviations, and also help our clients move towards paperless validation. Yes, you read that right! Learn more about how to implement paperless validation (link to Electronic Validation).

Examples of assignments:

  • Qualification Engineer for equipment/facilities (Pharma)
  • Validation Engineer for computerized systems (Medtech)
  • Commissioning Lead (Pharma)

At Lemontree, we also offer validation with automated testing for software, which we refer to as test automation.

Project management

We have the ability and competence to project manage a wide range of projects and activities within Life Science. We have solid experience in leading both complex IT projects and production-oriented projects within Pharma and MedTech. Examples of projects we work on:

  • Testautomatisering (Test Automation)
  • Automatisering SAP (SAP Automation)
  • Datalager (Data Warehouse)
  • Serialisering (Serialization)
  • RPA (link to text further down)
  • Transfer av produkt till ny anläggning (Pharma customer)

Data analysis

We have extensive experience in analyzing and modeling various types of data such as sales figures and production data for regulated operations. We assist our clients based on their needs and provide technical solutions tailored to their business. Some of us have also worked across multiple industries, thereby acquiring additional knowledge.

Examples of assignments:

  • Business analyst for monitoring training programs
  • Business analyst for modeling and predicting production data