Test Automation: Tools, Consulting, Project and Feature Deliverables

Test Automation makes it possible to reduce the cost of maintenance and at the same time increase the quality of applications and digital services.

A big reason is that through automation it is possible to speed up and do more so-called regression tests. This allows us to shorten our customers’ time to market and get new products and services out more quickly at a lower cost and with less risk of errors in production.

What is Test Automation?

  • A test data-driven framework built to handle new technologies – an example is automated testing on a large flora of mobile clients, with different operating systems, screen sizes and connections
  • A modular solution that is tolerant of changes in the tested systems
  • Minimises time and efforts for maintenance
  • Supplied with ready-made generic components that make the system easy to implement

Test Automation makes it possible to reduce costs while increasing the quality of your digital services and apps.

Today’s applications must work flawlessly on an extensive flora of different clients, with different screen sizes and different types of connection. This makes the work of testing and quality assurance of your digital service complicated and time-consuming, as the tests must be performed in a variety of clients and with different configurations.

Therefore, the need for automated tests also increases dramatically. Added to this is the user’s demand that new functionality and corrections be released at lightning speed. This means that test automation also needs to support agile working methods in an effective way. In this way, users’ demands for higher quality and shorter time to market are met..

Our Consultants

Lemontree offers consulting expertise in a range of different test areas, in addition to the project and function deliveries we carry out for our customers. For example, we offer:

  • TTechnical testers as consultants in a wide variety of tools, technologies and methods such as UFT, Selenium, Protractor, Tosca and much more.
  • Manual testing as a complement to automated processes.
  • Various forms of testing expertise in e.g. mobile, performance, regression, API, end to end or at unit level.
  • Management and expertise in quality, such as agile coaching, transformation to DevOps, project and test management.
  • Investigations and feasibility studies, POCar and expertise in test automation development.