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In software testing, there are many different testing techniques that one can employ to ensure the quality of their applications. Each technique focuses on a subset of testing and contributes to the overall effort to ensure that everything functions as intended from various perspectives. These techniques can be utilized to varying degrees, which is part of both one’s testing strategy and risk management. It’s important to use and focus on those techniques that provide actual value to strike a balance in the effort put forth and to gain valuable insights into the quality. We have worked with various techniques over many years and have chosen to describe some of them in more detail, ones that we are particularly passionate about.


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Our services within Testing technology

Integration testing

Integration testing belongs to the middle layer of the testing pyramid, focusing on the parts of the system where components or adjacent systems communicate with each other.

Performance testing

Ensure that you achieve the necessary performance for your critical systems at the right cost. Performance testing focuses on verifying that the set requirements for critical systems are met, ensuring that you neither have too few nor too many resources allocated.

Security testing

Just like testing and quality assurance as a whole, security testing also relies on risk analysis, which should be well-crafted and updated for the intended application.

Mobile testing

Our consultants assist you in developing solutions to ensure quality, test, and automate test execution. We also perform testing for you, on-site, through our test center, or in the cloud.