Lemontree LTE is a ready-made concept for your organization to implement test automation with minimal startup times!

Implementing test automation in an organization to ensure the quality of applications, processes, and systems can be a very effective way to reduce development and maintenance costs. To succeed in this, several technical and organizational prerequisites need to be in place. Read about Lemontree’s ready-made test framework and how you can get started with minimal costs.

LTE offers functionalities and technologies such as:

  • Unified Functional Testing for test automation and version control in Git with storage space for libraries and components.
  • Standardized reporting of test results and runs, as well as aggregated reports in MF QC.
  • Support libraries for web, Java, Oracle, Siebel, Windows, and non-functional testing via tools like Applitools.
  • Test engine for executing tests through third-party tools like Selenium, Appium, and Citrus.
  • MDS, data feeding, and test execution, including the ability to structure test execution and pause and resume test automation work.

The compendium explains:

  • How LTE can help your organization
  • The prerequisites that should be met for successful test automation
  • How Lemontree can assist you in getting started