A Continuous Quality Process Throughout The Software Development Cycle

Continuous Quality is our concept and model where quality assurance is not just a phase, but a continuous process in the entire software development cycle. It helps us and organisations to ensure high quality of their software products by quality assurance, testing, evaluating and improving the products throughout the development and delivery chain from requirements, development and test out to production.

Effective quality assurance for better products and increased productivity

With Continuous Quality:

  • We integrate quality assurance as a continuous process throughout the software development cycle.
  • Can we identify quality issues and errors both early and late in the development cycle.
  • Increases productivity and efficiency by minimizing the risk of errors and problems in production.
  • Gives organisations or the team an overview of the quality work on their software products and enables proactive improvement of these.

The model helps to:

  • Create a consensus on what quality assurance means from requirements, development, testing and to production
  • Offer a type of review for different organisations to create a current state and a vision for the way forward based on how people currently work with quality assurance, automation, software and product development, etc. Continuous Quality Assessment (CQA).

Lemontree has experience in using and implementing Continuous Quality in various organisations, teams and projects. We help to implement the method in your software development process and ensure high quality of your products throughout the development and supply chain, but also to anchor the quality work with your employees. We also focus on doing the right things for the right situation and making a difference for you.