Basic Training in Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)/Quality Center (QC)

Micro Focus® ALM / Quality Center is a well-known test tool that is comprehensive, flexible and has great possibilities to be adapted for your test, requirements, defects and your life cycle management. You can easily create consistent, repeatable processes for managing requirements, tests, and business components so that everyone in your organisation gains insight into quality assurance from developers and testers to requirements setters and management.

The training goes through basic functionality in reporting, release management, requirements, tests and defects, as well as how these are connected for full traceability from grain to loaf.


After completing the course, the intention is that you will know more about:

  • How domains and projects are set up
  • How authorisation levels with different roles and other project-specific adaptations can be set up
  • How to plan and visualize releases, cycles, milestones and set up KPIs with automatic tracking
  • Requirements management
  • Risk baserad quality assurance
  • Version management
  • Test management
    • Design, Test Plan
    • Instances and runs, Test Lab
  • Traceability matrix between tests and requirements
  • Test data management
  • Test sets and test instances
  • Test case execution and reporting capabilities
  • Defect management
  • Reporting
  • Excel and Word Add-ins

Previous Knowledge

It is good to have basic knowledge in requirements, testing and quality assurance and certifications such as ISTQB or REQB, but the content can be adapted to your specific prior knowledge.

Agenda and Content:

  • Review and review of ALM structure, views and formats.
  • Concept for the Dashboard, Management, Requirement, Test and Defects modules.
  • Set of requirements and connection to test.
  • Test in projects and management.
  • Design of tests.
  • Planning tests and test runs.
  • Defect management and traceability

The training sessions with briefings are normally interspersed with exercises, own tasks and discussions.

Course Length

The course is normally completed in three days, but can be shortened or extended if desired

Contact for more information.